A short guide to our Employee Benefits Portal support

Our Employee Benefits Platform is a cost effective solution for companies wanting to engage their employees.  Employees will be able to view all their benefits in one place, manage their pension online, receive form support, pension transfer support, and there are also a range of online engagement tools.  For a FREE demonstration today, please contact us.

Employee Benefits Portal

An Employee Benefits Portal is a great way for employees to view everything the company is providing, in one place.  For companies wanting to engage their employees with an online facility, the costs are often eye watering.  We provide a cost effective solution to ensure employees have one easy place to access the information they need regarding the Employee Benefits and Engagement package.

Communication Breakdown

A common process for many companies delivering employee benefits, is to give a basic verbal communication in addition to a one page benefit document. The problem with this is employees are dealing with information overload, and the details of the employee benefits are soon forgotten.   We believe this is the core reason the CIPD reports most companies can be doing better when communicating their benefits.

Employee Engagement should be regular, consistent, and ever evolving.   An Employee Benefits Platform can be a great way to engage employees ongoing, because employees can regularly view their benefits online, and manage their pension.  Specifically to pension investment, figures show that under 10% of employees under the age of 50, view their pension online.  We believe this to be a great contributor towards the pension crisis.  So providing a range of tools for early engagement is important.

There can however also a problem with Employee Benefit Portals.  Many times we have seen companies implementing an Employee Benefits Portal, hoping it will be the answer to their prayers.  But without a joined up approach, Benefits Portals can have low engagement.

The Solution —

Bigmore Benefits believe the communication of Employee Benefits should be deliver using a broad range of strategies.  That’s why our combination of face to face, written and online support is perfect for companies looking to deliver the best possible Employee Engagement to its employees.