A short guide to our Employee Engagement Survey support

Bigmore Benefits offer an Employee Engagement Survey where the surveys comprehensively focus on all aspects of your business.  Employee Engagement Surveys have become less fashionable in the world of HR.  Too often the insights have not been acted on, the data is too complex, and the costs have been high.

There is a range of HR and engagement software that provide real time employee engagement insights.  These are short, to the point and highly effective.  We promote the use of these in conjunction with a comprehensive Employee Engagement Survey.

Staff satisfaction survey

Employee Engagement Survey

What makes Bigmore Benefits Staff Satisfaction Survey different?

Asking your employees for feedback is a crucial element to finding out how your employees feel, and how they wish to be treated.

There are however some unique benefits to using our Employee Satisfaction Survey:

Active Questions
Most Employee Engagement Surveys spend time gleaming information on staffs’ perception of what the company is providing.  But where is the focus on what staff are doing for themselves to improve their employee experience?
This is where ‘Active Questions’ come in.  Active questions focus on employees’ day to day behaviour in a number of areas such as Finances, Health and wellbeing, and personal development.  Once companies gain insights into these behaviours, they can put strategies in place to affect lasting, significant change.

There is an old saying ‘you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.

An agreed plan of action with regular follow ups
Bigmore Benefits operate as a co-source meaning we can work on a closer, more intimate level with our clients.  We work with HR to review the insights and then put a plan in place.  With regular reviews, Bigmore Benefits will be integral in helping the company meet its objectives.  This ensures the Employee Engagement Survey has a specific purpose and the insights are not forgotten until the next Employee engagement survey.

Our surveys manage the whole process from start to finish and include:

  • An initial consultation with you
  • Surveying your employees
  • Results reported directly to you
  • A workable proposal of the areas and strategies for improving your engagement