A short guide to our Pension and Benefit Administration support

It’s hard for companies to be effective with the communication of Employee Benefits. Statistics show at least 70% of companies do not communicate their benefits package to a satisfactory level.  Quality Pension and Benefit Administration is a vital part of delivering a great employee engagement package because it provides the foundation for all initiatives.

pension and benefit administration services

Pension and Benefit Administration

Pension and Benefits can be complicated and understandably, HR do not always have the technical knowledge to deal with the more challenging queries that arise.  And with the number of internal projects HR typically have running, they’d be forgiven for pushing the communication of Pension and Benefits down the pecking order.

Bigmore Benefits believe ourselves to be the industry’s most comprehensive Pension and Benefit administration service for small Medium Enterprises (SME’s).   Bigmore Benefits run and administer all parts of your pension and benefits package, working closely with you as a co-source to your company. This can have a very positive impact on your engagement.

When Pensions and Benefits are ran effectively, you’ll recruit better quality employees.  Your key staff will stick around longer, and as a result of this, you’ll save a fortune on recruitment costs.   Recruitment costs regularly outweigh the costs of an effective pension and benefits package.   This is why, great employee engagement almost certainly will save your company time and money.

The benefits of using a Pension and Benefit Administration expert?

  • Administration
    • Bigmore Benefits work closely with payroll and generate monthly pension statements, ensuring all workplace pension requirements are met.
    • Bigmore Benefits apply all pension reports to the provider portal, dealing with the regular technical issues that arise.
    • We run monthly spot checks to ensure the contributions have been applied correctly.
    • We go to market every year on behalf of your company to ensure you always receive the most competitive rates for your benefits.
    • We hold an annual reviews to discuss any company pension and benefit initiatives.
    • Bigmore Benefits request regular feedback to ensure our service meets our high standards, and your expectations.
  • Communication
    • We create company Employee Benefit Booklets to distribute to your employees, giving a comprehensive guide to the benefits provided by you.
    • Bigmore Benefits contact EVERY new joiner to the company to promote the benefits in place, and ensure your employees are aware of how they can receive ongoing support, should they require.
    • We run regular group presentations to present the benefits and answer any queries that arise.
    • Our bespoke benefits portal can act as a fantastic hub for employees to login, view the benefits they have, link to their pension, and receive numerous additional engagement tools.
  • Compliance
    • The Financial services industry is regularly changing.  Our technical team stay on top of legislative requirements, with the help of our partners, Three Sixty
    • Bigmore Benefits submit any relevant pension and benefit reports to the regulator on your behalf.
    • Bigmore Benefits will provide communication on any changes to both you and your employees, and will provide updated benefits literature where required.
  • Education
    • Specifically with millennials, research has shown Education to be one of the key engagements employees value.   We provide Financial Wellness presentations which educate employees, and lead them on the path to financial security.  Our seminars are relevant to employees everyday lives, are practical with realistic take-aways, and are easy to understand.
  • Ongoing Support
    • Our staff are fully qualified to deal with any queries that arise, in respect to your benefits package.
    • People deal with people.  Your employees will receive a dedicated account manager to support you and your employees with any queries that arise.
    • We manage all medical underwriting queries, ensuring where possible, that your employees are covered fully for the benefits the company is providing.
    • Getting the right response from providers can be frustrating.  Bigmore Benefits act as the middle man for any queries from either the company or it’s employees.  We ensure a fast response and stay on top of all queries.
    • We provide a range of outsourced services to employees such as pension transfer support, pension projection support and Lifestyle Financial planning.

Request a quote

We believe we provide the most comprehensive service for Small Medium Enterprises, available.  We will:

  1. Consult
    Have an initial discussion to find out your requirements.
  2. Quote the market
    Find the most suitable product within your budget.
  3. Report and Recommendations
    Report our findings, including a full recommendation outlining our reasons.
  4. Full Implementation
    Implement the scheme and provide comprehensive communications to your employees so they fully value the benefit.
  5. Ongoing Support
    Provide ongoing support to both you and your employees