A short guide to our Will Writing support

Death is probably the most taboo subject imaginable.  None of us like to think about our own mortality.  Nearly 70% of the UK die intestate.  Intestate means to die without making a will.  This can cause many problems and distress.  CB Benefits provide Will Writing services as an associate of APS Legal.   CB Benefits can assist in all parts of your Financial Planning and by incorporating our Will Writing service we ensure a joined up approach.  Making a will is one of the most important decisions you will make.

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Will Writing


Will Writing – The reasons people don’t make a will

  • “We don’t like to discuss our own mortality.  Speaking about it can make it seem somewhat more real.” – It’s true that it’s not a comfortable topic to discuss.  But the importance of make a will far exceeds the avoidance of discussing it.
  • “Aren’t wills expensive?” – Not really, in the big picture, they’re extremely reasonable.  CB Benefitss will writing service charges £231 for a single will, and £315 for a mirror will.   We believe this to be extremely reasonable for the peace of mind it’ll deliver.
  • “Just haven’t got round to it.” –  We understand that people’s lives are busy but it’s important that everyone over the age of 18 makes time for such an important topic.
  • “Wills are for people with wealth.  I haven’t really got much to leave.” – This is a common misconception but for the vast majority of people, it isn’t true.  Most of us have something to leave, but more’s to the point, making a will ensures your final wishes are honoured.  For example, do you want to be buried or cremated?  What music would you like played at the service?
  • “I’ve written down my wishes so I’m covered” – It’s great that you’ve taken the time to do this.  But unfortunately, most of these wills would not stand up to scrutiny.  A will writing company like CB Benefits will ensure your will is both water tight and future proof.

Five reasons you should make a will?

  1. Making a will provides peace of mind.
  2. Making a will is essential for estate planning reasons – It ensures your wishes are honoured
  3. Making a will protects your children – Who would you like your children to be left with in the event of death?
  4. Making a will speeds up the process
  5. Making a will is essential for Inheritance planning –  A number of measures can be made to ensure you are not leaving your family with a crippling tax liability.


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